Sunday, March 15, 2009


Thailand is famous for its beautiful women. These lovely ladies exhibit all the characteristics which have made world know Thailand as a mecca for beautiful women. Unfortunately, for most men who have visited Thailand girls at massage bars comes to mind first. The Thailand girls found in massage bars are almost always there as prostitutes.

The hierarchy of prostitutes starts at the bottom of the ladder with streetwalkers, those Thailand girls employed by massage bars where they perform a type of massage with sexual overtones are typically employees of the bar, where they receive a minimum monthly salary and are expected to generate a number of sales based on number of drinks known as 'ladydrinks' and accomplish a quota of either 'short time' or 'long time' sessions (usually five to six per month.). Some massage bars have rooms on site where the 'short time' hours are spent. If the customer leaves the bar with one of the Thailand girls, he must pay a 'bar fine' in order for them to leave together.

What is somewhat unusual about this form of prostitution in Thailand is the strong racial bigotry that is in place against all Caucasian men associating with the Thai women. A Caucasian man will be refused admittance in many of the Thai massage bars

In Thailand today, many Thailand girls massage bars are actually owned by Westerners, although it is illegal for a Westerner to own more than 49 percent of a business there.

The Thailand girls massage bars are fairly careful about health checks for the women, but since there are many freelancers working the streets and not associated with a bar, as well as some who are only loosely associated with the bar, the same dangers of STD are inherent in using Thailand girls as there is in any other part of the world.

The larger cities in Thailand all have 'red light districts' and most of them are well, known and make no pretense of being anything other than what they are, Some of the bars and 'coffee houses' in the districts even hire 'mamasans' to match up Thailand girls with customers for their sexual services.

Private member clubs are for the wealthier clients, the Thailand girls entertain the men while they are at the club and may choose to leave with the man. In some cases, clubs catering to male customers are staffed by 'ladyboys'

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